Excel 2013; I want more details!

In Excel 2010 it was possible to increase the number of rows Excel would return after initiating a drillthrough. In Excel 2013 this option seems to be disabled

Excel 2013 connection propperty windowOn the computer I worked on the dutch version was installed 🙂 

I work with many Excel pro’s, so you can imagine the furious reactions I got. It seems other people have found this “issue” too and posted about it on connect.

The good news? There is a workaround (posted by “Kwenix” on the connect item mentioned above) and yes it works!

To safe you time I repeated the described steps below:

  1. Make a backup of your Excel file
  2. Rename xlsx to zip file
  3. Open zip file using 7z
  4. Locate connections.xml file in ‘xl’ folder
  5. Hit F4 in 7z to edit file
  6. Locate rowDrillCount=”1000″ and change to desired value
    upon saving 7z will update file into the zip file
    rename zip to xlsx

And thats it! I urge everyone to vote on this connect item!


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