Data alerts in SQL #Denali

A new feature in SQL denali is “Data alerts”. Data alerts are a data driven alerting solution that helps you be informed about report data that is interesting or important to you, and at a relevant time. By using data alerts you no longer have to seek out information, it comes to you. More information can be found here.

Users can configure they’re own set of “data alerts” for they’re own set of reports. This means you only recieve a notification (email) when something “relevant” has happened within your report(s). To create a report alert go the the report for which you want to configure one, from the action menu select “New data alert”

This wil open a (silverlight based) new window in which you can cofigure your rule(s):

Once created you can view and manage all data alerts from “Manage Data alerts”:

I have not had the time to really play with it but at a glance I think it is an awesome feature.


One thought on “Data alerts in SQL #Denali

  1. I tried configuring the prerequisites for data alerts but even after completing all the required steps I couldn’t get “Actions” tab in Sharepoint deployed site. Sharepoint SP1 was also installed but couldn’t get through.

    Any inputs would be appreciated!

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