First steps in SQL denali CTP 3

It arrived; SQL Server Denali CTP 3. One of the biggest releases regarding Business Intelligence features, and one I am pretty excited about. I am going to highlight some PowerPivot specific features.

A recap…
So what does SQl denali (SQL 2011) offer us regarding Business Intelligence? not that I am lazy (yes i am) I am going to redirect you to this post to get up to speed. In short; awsomeness!

One ring to rule them all!

Right, that might be a bit exaggerated but it does come close to the truth. In PowerPivot V1 you were used to:

– Making your own data models in Excel.

– Adding your own measures.

– Adding your own attributes

– Sharing your information with others through Sharepoint 2010.

But you could not:

– Create KPI’s

– Create hierarchies.

– Deploy it on a SQL server for scaling purposes.

Guess what? It can in PowerPivot denali (v2). I downloaded the new version and scanned over the new features using “Adventure Works” as my data source.

Here are some of the highlights with screenshots!

Graphical display of relations & hierarchies:

Oh the yellow icon in “DimCustomer” represents an hierarchy.

Sorting a attribute on another attribute:


And the list goes on.
Thats it for now. I will try to come back with a post in which I’ll explain some features useing a business case.


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