Powerpivot on a diet; those skinny workbooks

 “More of the exitement … “Get down

 “Double the action” … “Get down again”

 Pablo PowerCisco on “PowerPivot for SharePoint

 We, at our company, have decided that it is time to eat our own dog food. As a result we have all been sick for weeks …

No just kidding,  as a result we are using SharePoint 2010 with PowerPivot support for our mysites. Jeee for me because that means I can demo some cool stuff. Since this is a ‘public’ blog, I wont be showing ‘real’ numbers.

Before we can dive into the cool stuff we have to cover some basics. I mean, I really have to guide you through some complex steps to get started. Ready? ok here we go.. read this:

You did not think I was going to rewrite all those already blogged about configuration steps right ?

Back on the subject: Skinny workbooks
One of the cool things of hosting your PowerPivot on your SharePoint site is that you can create new Excel workbooks based on the hosted PowerPivot workbook. So why is this cool, well for a number of reasons:

  • Reusability: You dont have recreate your data set over and over again.
  • Maintanable: You can schedule your data refresh centrally in SharePoint. You can also monitor PowerPivot usage (your personal SCOM for powerpivot)
  • One version of the truth – ish: Ok so the risk of workbooks multiplying like rabbits still exists, but hey at least they look at the same master PowerPivot workbook. 

The proof: Some screenshots

Creating the thin workbook

Scheduling data refresh

More of the excitement (more resources)
The following sites and blogs should help you get started.

Having found some renewd energy I am planning to blog more about PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010.


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