The next challenge in information worker empowerment

Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst was interviewed regarding the topic “There is money in unstructured data”. The article mentioned Teradata teaming up with Attensity. Attensity has the technology to extract “feelings” from text, interesting. Stephen Brobst also stated that he sees an increasing desire in advanced analytics: creating and answering analytical questions.

I agree with Stephen on that last point. More and more BI solutions provide the user with a semantic layer which they can use to make reports without being exposed to the technical nuts and bolts. Client tools like Microsoft Excel and Business Objects Designer encourage the business user to explore their data / information on their terms. It was only a few years ago when business users complained being dependant on IT for reporting. With that hurdle now overcome its on to the next one, which is, yes you guessed right, advanced analytics.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not have an answer to this “wish” yet. I have registered a connect entry here. Yes there is PowerPivot, but lets be honest, PowerPivot is for Excel guru’s (aka programmers in disguise).

Being Microsoft orientatated does not make me blind for other BI solutions, especially when I see them working for customers. Both SiSense and SAP Busines Objects give the business the tooling to perform advanced analytics. The major drawback I find with these solutions is information lock – in; these solutions dont integrate well with commonly used office applications, which is Microsoft Office.


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