Attending the Kimball class “Microsoft data warehouse in depth”

This week I attended this class with high expectations. Being a BI consultant I always want to know more about best practices for setting up a BI project. Because my primary toolset consists of Microsoft tooling (SQL Server, Excel 2010, SharePoint 2010 etc.) I thought this particular class would be very interesting. Another reason for me to attend this class (or, actually any BI related class) is getting to know interesting colleagues in the field. Which I fortunately did 🙂 

The course is set up around the “Kimball Data warehouse lifecycle”. Basicly this “lifecycle” explains all of the components in a typical BI project.
The goal of the course is to show how each component in this “lifecycle” is “mapped” to the Microsoft BI Stack .

For people who have no or little experience with Microsoft tooling and are new to the “Kimball data warehouse lifecylce” this course is recommendable. However, I have set up quit a few BI projects using tools from the Microsoft BI stack. That having said,  this particular Kimball course was a dissapointment to me. The course explained virtualy every topic on a 30.000 feet level, where I expected more detail. Things got worse for me when we dove into the specific technical components like “Microsoft Integration Services” and “Microsoft Analysis Services”. At the risk of sounding arrogant; nothing was really new to me.

So was it a total waste of time? In short, no. It refreshed my memory on many of the core concepts of data warehousing and, like I said earlier, I got to meet interesting new people. and I got be a total BI nerd for 4 days witout any constraints 🙂

PS: While writting this blog I had to make a connection to internet, while attempting to do so I saw this funny connection, thought I would share this:


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