Shifting technologies in the Microsoft BI world

Well after much thought I have decided to actually start my own blog and what better subject to start on then the SQL Pass Summit 2010. Microsoft presented their roadmap for Business Intelligence and lo and behold Microsoft introduced two new BI projects:

  • Project Crescent
  • BISM

Seeing as the whole BI community allready explained what these two projects are I am not going to do so again :). What I do find interesting is how a large part of the BI community (especially SSAS) reacted on this. In short; they were upset. But why? Well as the roadmap states BISM is the new C# and UDM models in Analysis Services the mature C++.

My reaction: The basis for a being a BI consultant still lies in understanding what information is and how to make this easy to get to. Wether this is through SSAS or Powerpivot or BISM.

Just the other day I adviced a client to use Powerpivot (finance department) versus the SSAS solution I delivered for the Marketing department earlier. Furthermore; I see sandboxing being a viable project starting point with BISM. Sandboxing is something that allready being used in SharePoint 2010 projects.

But are we getting something better? mmm we are getting another technology. Which will prob. perform better. But when I look at the ‘problems’ my clients have with Microsoft BI solutions it is not the technology, it is the lack of end user tooling for the analytic user.

An analytic user being the marketeer that wants to use Excel to retrieve all relations which have only donated money on project x (not any other project). Translated to SQL this would be a NOT IN (in SSAS I would have to write a named set everytime the SET would change).

Well, I see my challenge in my work still lies in the same area: Defining information together with the customer.


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